Best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends In 2022

Best World's Edge landing spots in Apex Legends

It’s no wonder you’re searching for the Best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends, after all, it is the main map in this amazing battle royale game. A major new addition that came to Apex Legends upon the release of Season 3 at the beginning of October 2019 involved the introduction of an all-new map from top to bottom: World’s Edge. With this, Respawn now has brought a breath of fresh air to Battle Royale, moving behind Canyon of Kings, the only playable map in the game up until that date.

So landing on World’s Edge as a team can be pretty daunting if you don’t know where to land. The map consists mainly of four main areas. There’s the Barrage, the Hot Zone, the Cargo Transport, and the Lift Ship.

World’s Edge stands out because it challenges players to fight not only against others but also against the landscape itself. There are a few main areas on this map where battles most often take place, and it is important to know each one well in order to win the battle.

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Currently, World’s Edge is the main map of Apex Legends. It is rather different from the Canyon of Kings, as this map is huge and there are many places for you to land. But not all of them are good for loot, so we have sorted the best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends for you.

Best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends [+ Loot Locations]

These are the best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends:

  • Mirage Voyage
  • Sorting factory
  • East and West Fragment
  • Tower
  • The Trainyard

Mirage Voyage

Following the Holo-Day event of good old Mirage, its ship sits still. It would be a shame if you didn’t capitalize on it because this airship is loaded with loot. This is the most common landing spot on the world’s edge map, therefore, stay alert and be expecting a very early skirmish.

Sorting factory

The position of this landing spot is absolutely perfect, meaning it’s very appealing to a large number of squads. Its large size guarantees you good loot, and the train passes right next to it, making it a good opportunity for you to scope it out. Since it’s quite a large area, you are bound to find a squad or two to keep your fight going.

East and West Fragment

The capital has been broken up into these two areas. Both are full of hidden nooks and have many resources. Each landing spot of these is perfect for units consisting of Gibraltar or Caustic. Expect to have to fight indoors and be wary of the giant lava rift that separates the two areas.


This World’s Edge landing spot is slightly similar to the previous one, but you might encounter less competition by being on one end of the island. Doing so will actually allow you time to search through each building in pursuit of good loot and equipment. Should you land in this location, keep an eye out for the narrow mountain passage to the south. You can utilize it as a bottleneck to eliminate the enemy squads.

The Trainyard

The newest and most eye-catching addition to the world’s edge map is the train that travels almost the entire length of the map, circling around. Yes, you read that right, there is a train around the map. This means of transport is there to create some very interesting game dynamics in each game and you shouldn’t miss the chance to take advantage of it.

You will always be able to see it highlighted on the map with its corresponding icon and it glows from far away with a blue intense beam of light that rises up to the sky. Furthermore, when it passes close by it makes a very distinctive and loud sound.

If you have more time and want to explore more locations, we have a visual guide that highlights additional landing points in World’s Edge:

Where is the good loot in World’s Edge?

When it comes to the areas with the best loot in World’s Edge, you have plenty of locations to choose from. The tower is a somewhat remote spot, similar to Capitol City, which offers great loot. In addition, its central tower is ideal for scouting and camping enemies from high above.

The Epicenter is the icy area of the map and features several areas that offer very exciting combats. After that, you may be interested in smaller and more out-of-the-way places such as the Lookout or The Dome. Some of our favorite loot spots are The Tree and the Train Base.

These are the locations with the best loot in World’s Edge:

  • Tower: 26 supply containers.
  • The Epicenter: 24 containers of supplies.
  • Lookout: 19 supply containers.
  • Lava Fissure: 23 supply containers.
  • The Geyser: 17 supply containers.
  • Train Base: 24 containers of supplies.
  • Thermal Station: 58 containers of supplies.
  • Sorting Factory: 45 containers of supplies.
  • The Tree: 11 containers of supplies.
  • Lava City: 14 containers of supplies.
  • The Dome: 30 containers of supplies.
  • Mirage’s Voyage: 22 containers of supplies.
  • Collector: 24 supply containers.

This concludes our rundown of the best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends. Keep in mind that with future apex legends map updates, some of these landing spots will lose their value or get replaced by new ones. Still, we’ll make sure to keep this Guide up to date with the latest loot and landing spots added to the World’s Edge map.

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