How To Break Stone In Valheim In 2022

How To Break Stone In Valheim

Valheim is already one of the most popular games on Steam, but it’s also a game that’s relatively easy to get lost in. The first thing you might be asking yourself is how to break a stone in Valheim. And luckily, there are a couple of different ways to do it that we’ll be covering in today’s Valheim guide.

Crafting is a major part of the game. You have to gather materials, break rocks, and create your own tools and Valheim buildings in order to survive. Breaking rocks is one of the most important tasks you’ll need to do in Valheim on a regular basis.

It will allow you to get more stone for your base and other items such as weapons or armor that require stone as the main ingredient. Also stone is a must-have item if you’re planning to make your own workbench, which allows you to craft even more items. But stone can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Rock Formations are typically found near water sources like rivers and lakes. But once you do find a source of stone, how do you break these rock formations? It might seem impossible at first glance, but there are a few ways that are easier than others. Keep reading to learn all about these easy & simple methods to break rock in Valheim.

How To Break Stone In Valheim?

To break Stone in Valheim, you must first be equipped with an Antler Pickaxe, which can be crafted at the workbench using Hard Antlers that you’ll get once you defeat Eikthyr, the first boss you’ll come across in Valheim. Then strike the rock formations nearby until they break. Alternatively, you can also use a wooden hammer, the latter being a lot slower.

In case the instructions above on how to break stone in Valheim are a bit confusing, or you’re just a new player who’d rather have a visual tutorial than a bunch of text, Don’t worry because we got you covered. Here is a quick guide made by our friends at Quick Tips, showcasing exactly how to break rocks in Valheim in simple steps:

By breaking rocks you will get different amounts of stone depending on the size and type of rock, however, you can also get iron ore by breaking rocks that have yellow colored stripes. Also if you’ve got any questions related to Crafting in Valheim, feel free to leave them in the comments box below.

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