[Top 5] Best ADCs to Pair With Soraka in League of Legends

Best ADCs to Pair With Soraka in League of Legends

Hey there, Soraka mains! So you’re looking for the best ADCs to pair with Soraka? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you all about our favorite ADCs to play with Soraka, and how well they synergize together, plus some tips & tricks to improve your lane phase.

You might think Soraka is an easy champion to beat, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. She only hides her powers. With the right ADC on her side and the proper support items, she could become a major force to be reckoned with.

Additionally, Laning with a champion like Soraka is especially useful as she can heal both herself and her allied ADC whenever they’re low-HP, giving the ADC more time to focus on last-hitting minions rather than worrying about staying alive.

And With League of Legends now featuring more than 30 ADCs, figuring out which one has the best synergy with Soraka can prove to be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why we dug around on your behalf and put together a list of the 5 best ADCs to pair with Soraka in Season 13.

5 Best ADCs For Soraka in League of Legends [Season 13]

Here are the best ADCs for Soraka in Season 13:

  • Vayne
  • Varus
  • Tristana
  • Jinx
  • Caitlyn


Vayne is one of the very best hyper-charged ADC picks when partnered with Soraka. As one of the best duelists in the game, Vayne’s ability to win close-range fights allows her to trade well with enemies. On the flipside, Vayne is a bit of a squishy champion with almost zero Lifesteal, which can be problematic, especially pre-level 6. That’s when Soraka comes in, thanks to her ability to interrupt and poke the enemy Botlane from a safe distance, as well as her movement speed buffs, which sync up nicely with Vayne’s passive.

To add to this, Soraka shines the brightest when utilizing her incredible sustain to power up Vayne during the early game, ensuring that Vayne stays in lane and farms as much as possible so she can secure her core items as quickly as possible. All of this and much more make Soraka a perfect fit for Vayne’s playstyle.


Speaking of high base damage, we can’t forget Varus. One of the ADCs with the highest burst damage in the game. Not only that but Varus is regarded as a safe pick regardless of the current meta, thanks to his very decent attack range, which comes in handy for outpacing enemy Bot Laners. On top of that, his kit makes it very reliable to last-hit minions last, we’re mainly speaking of Varus’ (Piercing Arrow) ability, which does that perfectly.

Throw Soraka into the mix and everything starts to get even more steamy. Both Varus and Soraka are ranged champions with great reach and high poking ability, giving them plenty of opportunities to trade with opponents and pummel them with CC Chain, which works wonders when combining Varus’ Corruption Chain and Soraka’s AOE silence, and to be honest with you, I always dodge when I see a Varus and Soraka being picked by the enemy team in the champion selection xD, I’d rather live to fight another day.


Similar to Varus, Tristana is another ranged champion, but she’s much more consistent in her damage output. Her kits come packed with OP abilities which complement each other very well, Tristana’s passive ability (Rapid Fire) increases fire rate by 30%, making it easy for her to build up stacks on her active ability (Explosive Charge). That ability deals additional damage by jumping from the target. In short, Tristana is one Yordle army haha.

And you’ve guessed it right, once Soraka joins the rift with Tristana, It’s fiesta time. they both have low cooldowns on their abilities, allowing them to harass their opponents early game without having to worry about mana costs or ultimate availability. One scenario where the two champs synergize so well together is when Tristana’s long-range ultimate (Buster Shot) is combined with Soraka’s powerful healing Ultimate (Wish) to save teammates from sticky situations.


Jinx is another ADC that pairs well with Soraka because they both have low cooldowns on their abilities, allowing them to harass their opponents early game without having to worry about mana costs or ultimate availability. Also, as an ADC, You’ll have an easy time last-hitting minions during the Lane phase thanks to the sustain provided by Soraka’s Q ability, which heals both you and your ally for a large amount over time.

Jinx is an unpredictable damage-dealer who can easily take advantage of Soraka’s sustain by building attack damage and sticking to her enemies with her W and E abilities. With Jinx’s ability to keep one enemy out of the fight, Soraka has a little more leeway when it comes to choosing who to heal. Plus, Jinx’s secondary weapon (the Zap! Gun) slows down enemies, which gives Soraka extra time to buff her allies. The only issue we see when playing with jinx mains is the fact that most of them tend to be psycho haha just like the champ they’re playing.


Saving the best for last, the first ADC that comes to mind who should be Insta-locked when playing with a Soraka is, of course, Caitlyn. She is an ADC that works well with many supports, and Soraka is no exception. Caitlyn can safely hit enemies from afar and has her Ace in the Hole ultimate to finish off those unlucky enemies who try to run away.

Plus, if caught in an enemy CC trap, she can easily use her Ace in the Hole to make her way out of it. Pairing her with Soraka means that Caitlyn spends more time on the map and less time regenerating HP back at base, thanks to Soraka’s powerful healing and mana restoration abilities.

We have listed below some of the reasons why Caitlyn and Soraka are a perfect match, check them out:

  • Caitlyn & Soraka’s ultimates have a lot of synergies, especially when Caitlyn has a great range.
  • Soraka & Caitlyn can run fast to get back to Bot lane quicker, which makes them extremely effective in early game ganks.
  • Caitlyn &Soraka can harass their enemies with ability combos dealing tons of damage.
  • Soraka & Caitlyn are both ranged champions, meaning they can move out of danger when needed.

By now, you can see why Soraka is one of the best support champions in League of Legends. She brings some serious healing to the table, and she can build up a ton of resistance for both herself and her teammates. The reason why we particularly recommend these ADCs isn’t just the fact that they go very well with Soraka, but also because each of them is extremely strong in the early and mid-game, and can carry on in the late game relatively easily.

With League of Legends having frequent game patches & updates, it’s only natural that some of the ADCs mentioned today fall behind due to nerfs, or get way stronger thanks to buffs. In either case, we’ll make sure to keep this list up to date with the latest game patches and the current meta.

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