[Top 11] Best GTA V Car Mods In 2022

GTA V Car Mods

Looking for the best GTA V car mods? you’re in the right place my homies. Not as if GTA V wasn’t a game with plenty of action, but the modding community is bringing even more excitement and thrills to the game. From funny-looking motorcycles and Helicopters to crazy fashion and weapons mods. However, car mods in GTA V get the biggest attention, and for a good reason. After all, the game is all about cars and heists.

Rockstar had made its policy on the use of mods in the game very clear and stated that it was not prohibiting players from modding their single-player games, meaning offline. Bearing this in mind, you should never use car mods in GTA Online and to avoid risking it, please do not log into GTA Online with any single-player mods installed.

GTA V was first released in 2013 and also recently arrived on Xbox Series and PS5 with its fifth installment. With millions of sales on previous platforms and being one of the highest-ranking open-world games to date. however, the game has not lost its popularity yet. Of the many features that are available to players, the cars continue to be in the first place. Nevertheless, despite their large number, eventually, we all want to have something completely new.

We have prepared this selection, which includes what we humbly think are the best GTA 5 car mods. These mods will allow you to throw into the game new and unique cars and drive the streets of Los Santos all over again.

The Best GTA V Car Mods

Here are the best GTA V car mods:

  • PorSche Cayenne Turbo S
  • Bugatti Chiron
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Lamborghini Terzo
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Pagani Zonda R
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • mclaren p1
  • Nissan GTR

PorSche Cayenne Turbo S

Our First GTA 5 mod brings to the game the most powerful car of the whole Cayenne series. Every player can enjoy the characteristics of the car. The model is an excellent example of the combination of German quality and sporty elegance. This mod considers all the features of the real car and fully replicates them. The main features of this Porsche Cayenne model include the presence of a TV on the back seats, a panoramic sunroof, and the availability of American and European license plates

It is nothing but a pleasure to sit in Cayenne’s saloon. One can feel its premium class even in the virtual version: leather seats, and rear-view mirror, which show what’s going on behind. Overall, this mod is sure to suit those who have dreamed of taking a ride in this sporty crossover.

Bugatti Chiron

A stunning hypercar from Bugatti, which is worthy of appearing in GTA V. After all, it is powerful enough to speed up to 420 km/h, making it possible to instantly get from one point of Los Santos to another. Moreover, this is almost the only opportunity to sit behind the wheel of such a cool car.

The real-life version costs 2.4 million dollars, and only 500 of these cars were produced. But thanks to these cool GTA 5 car mods, Bugatti Chiron is now available to everyone. Overall, This is an unbelievable sports car that pleases you with high-quality textures, a lot of details for tuning, and all the necessary features.

Ford Mustang GT

A prominent representative of the American automobile history. It is the iconic car from the Pony Car class. This GTA 5 car mod is highly recommended for those who consider themselves a fan of powerful and fast cars. The detailing of this car model is made with the highest standards. While riding the streets of Los Santos, the Mustang immediately attracts attention with its appearance.

Furthermore, the car features all the interesting characteristics of the real-life model: a fully developed engine model, bullet marks on the glass, and a dashboard are fully functional. The author of this mod has paid his dues and added the possibility of additional tuning. Thanks to this, you can create the car of your dreams and check what it can do at any time.

Lamborghini Terzo

Most likely, any gamer will be interested in getting behind the wheel of a hybrid car that is not yet mass-produced. In that case, this is one of those GTA V car mods that you should pay special attention to. While the manufacturers are perfecting their concept car, players can get behind the wheel of a virtual Terzo Millennio. And you shouldn’t have to step on the gas right away. First, you have to enjoy the exterior and interior of the car. It looks simply futuristic and is certainly the most unique Lamborghini model to date.

Among the features of the mod, there is the possibility to uniquely open the doors, a thoroughly detailed damage system, and a working front panel. The car’s technical specifications are top-notch. You just don’t want to drive it on narrow streets. The first urge that arises from the players is to go out on the track and check how much this unique sports car can squeeze out.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

In this particular case, it is not just a car in front of us, but the best sports car in production. On the Nuremberg circuit, it left both Ferrari and Porsche behind. The ZL1 is capable of speeds of up to 310 km/h. Isn’t it a good reason to try to reach the same speed, but in GTA 5?

The author’s serious approach to the creation of this mod is immediately noticeable. If you glance at the photos of the interior of the real car and its GTA 5 version, it is very difficult to discover at least a couple of differences. Additionally, this cool car mod is distinguished by high-quality textures, and also the possibility of tuning and changing the color of the car.

Pagani Zonda R

The toughest and coolest sports car mod in today’s entire collection. Pagani Zonda R was in production up to 2011, and at that time it was a serious competitor to the Bugatti. Now players have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of this one-of-a-kind car. Thanks to the mod which comes with highly refined detailing, sophisticated physics, and a working speedometer.

Players will be delighted with the ability to customize the car in any color. The archive has a coloring template that enables you to change the color of both the engine and suspension.

Lamborghini Aventador

Initially, there are not many really beautiful cars in GTA 5. However, this mod partially addresses this problem and allows you to get behind the wheel of quality and cool cars. Aventador will be appreciated by fans of sports cars and high speeds. This car mod has different tuning details, high-quality textures, and an animated engine.

Its appearance is not criticized either. In features of the car, one may recognize the lines and forms, typical for “the Italians”. By the way, this model was tested on the “Top Gear” TV show. At that time, the hosts did not like the lack of character of the car. Thanks to the mod the players can personally check whether this is the case.

Bugatti Veyron

This mod adds the fastest sports car in the world to GTA 5. The car accelerates up to 407 km/h. This a great reason to test it in action. Apart from speed, the Veyron boasts excellent detail work and multiple color variants.

The presence of an automatic spoiler and many other details, including the tuned wheels, is also intriguing. The car also performs well while driving. It steers very well, which makes it a great option for high-speed chases on the roads of Los Santos.

McLaren p1

The only sports car of this company to make our best GTA V car mods list, however, it took the 9th place not cus it’s bad, but because we’d rather save the best to the end. A total of 375 cars were made, distinguished by an amazing set of characteristics. For example, the McLaren accelerates up to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. This is a very good excuse to check it out on the streets of Los Santos.

All the details inside and outside the car are being worked on to the fullest extent. On the dashboard, there are dozens of icons that flash, glow and add a realistic driving experience. In version 2.0, the paint color choices have been further updated.

Nissan GTR

This Nissan GTR mod will feel more real than you’d expect, mostly because of the high level of detail. The developer has done a spectacular job and the final result is astonishing. There is a full dirt map, a realistic reflection, and a view in the mirrors.

Both the dashboard and the headlights are fully functional. In addition, the car feels as natural as possible during driving and braking. In general, this mod will be a great option for those who are looking for more realism in the game.

Our GTA 5 car mods pack is being constantly updated and expanded with new cool-looking cars, so keep an eye on this webpage, because new stuff is being added Every now and then. Also before you go, how about you check out these cool PC games mods below:

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