[Top 7] Best Jump Force Mods You Shouldn’t Be Playing Without

Jump Force Mods

As one of the best anime games ever released, Jump Force offers a variety of fun and different characters. Whether you like older or newer series like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or One Piece Odyssey, there are many great Jump Force mods you can use to make your experience worthwhile.

From school uniforms to new maps, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Some of these mods can provide additional features usually not present in the game. In today’s rundown, we would like to share our personal favorite Jump Force mods for your enjoyment.

The Best Jump Force Mods Ever Released

Here are the best Jump Force mods:

  • Jump Force Trainer
  • Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy mod [Jump Force Character Mod]
  • The World Recolored [Jump Force JoJo Mod]
  • Goku Ultra Instinct [Jump Force Dragon Ball Mod]
  • Thanos [Jump Force Avengers Mod]
  • Jump Force Disable EAC Mod
  • Sandai Kitetsu [Jump Force Sword Mod]
  • Jump Force Soundtrack Mods Pack
  • Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man [Jump Skin & Outfit Mod]

Jump Force Trainer

We’re starting off our Jump Force mods with what so far has been the most requested and sought-after mod. Jump Force Trainer or what’s also known as the Mod menu comes with numerous features that are guaranteed to make your jaw drop. This mod support 5 languages so far, below are all the functions it includes based on a QWERTY keyboard:

  • Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
  • Numpad 2: Highest Ability Level
  • Numpad 3: Highest Awakening Level
  • Numpad 4: Highest mobility Level
  • Numpad 5: Change/help without recharging
  • Numpad 6: Freeze Time
  • Numpad 7: Empty Enemy Ability Scale
  • Numpad 8: Empty Enemy Awakening Scale
  • Numpad 9: Enemy mobility barrier is empty
  • Numpad 0: Single-strike kill
  • Numpad .: Single Hit Clothing Destruction
  • Numpad +: Super speed
  • Numpad -: Time Slow Down
  • Ctrl + Num 1: Unlimited Money
  • Ctrl + Num 2: Unlimited Experience
  • Ctrl + Num 3: Unlimited skill points
  • Ctrl + Num 4: Unlimited items
  • F1: Experience Increment

The installation procedure for this trainer mod is very similar to the other ones on this list and involves placing all the files in the distribution folder of the game, in the same directory where the executable file is located, which is responsible for running the game.

Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy mod [Jump Force Character Mod]

The character Shaggy was initially expected to be seen in Mortal Kombat 11, however, after the developers turned it down, there was nothing left for players to do but add him themselves by modding. BeatzYT3 was able to meet fan expectations in Jump Force by introducing a mod that replaces one of the in-game characters (Vegeta) with Shaggy.

To install, you must place the .pak file from the archive in “JUMP FORCE/JUMP_FORCE/Content/Paks/~mods”. Also, keep in mind that the EAC must be disabled before launching the game.


If you thought Jump Force & Apex Legends crossover was interesting, you ain’t seen anything yet. Here’s a mod that carries off from the famous Halo universe, offering you the opportunity to do battle as your favorite green Spartan, Master Chief.

This Mod overrides Ryo Saeba’s entire appearance and weapons with Master Chief in its Halo 3 design, together with the Magnum, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Brute Shot, Gravity Hammer, and Warthog. It also changes the UI to Master Chief instead of Ryo.

The World Recolored [Jump Force JoJo Mod]

One of the best and most downloaded Jump Force JoJo mods out there, Za Warudo recolored is a pretty clean-looking color scheme mod for Dio’s ult. The light colors are very much noticeable, but the blows really pack a punch.

You can access this cool Jump force mod by clicking the button below, which takes you to the official mod download page. Keep in mind that you need to update your game version to the latest release, to use this mod without any issues.

Goku Ultra Instinct [Jump Force Dragon Ball Mod]

the next mod on our list took a long to get released, but it was 100% worthwhile. Goku Ultra Instinct mod adds some familiar and very hyped vibes to Jump Force.

If you’ve been living under a rock, and not aware of what The ultra Instinct is, then let us elaborate a bit. Simply put you can transform Goku into his best possible form immediately and overpower your opponents with the Saiyan’s rage and speed

Thanos [Jump Force Avengers Mod]

It’s not uncommon for Avengers fans to favor series-specific characters. This is particularly the case since Avengers or DC characters do not usually change costumes, making the occasions when they do so quite memorable.

This also carries over to Jump Force, with this Thanos mod. It lets you use the popular Thanos costume when you create a character, increasing your overall rogue & power stats.

Jump Force Disable EAC Mod

Aren’t you fed up with the EAC bugging you all the time? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Disable EAC mod deactivates Easy Anti Cheat so you don’t even have to bother yourself with being banned or denied.

To successfully install this mod please perform the following steps:

  • Place the EAC .exe (EAC disable mod executable file) in “Steam/steamapps/common/JUMP FORCE”.
  • be sure to do a backup copy of your original existing EAC .exe
  • Restart your PC, and relaunch Jump Force.

Sandai Kitetsu [Jump Force Sword Mod]

The sword for custom characters has consistently remained one of the community’s most vocal complaints ever since the game’s release. By default the “create a character” options would not allow you to create a swordsman and any sword attack animations are finished off using an energy sword, which no one ever liked.

Some fans were left longing to create custom swordsmen for custom characters, similar to the way many of their personal anime characters are. Luckily, this mod allows you to do exactly that, by replacing the energy sword with Zoro’s Sandai Kitetsu.

Jump Force Soundtrack Mods Pack

Although Jump Force has its own in-game soundtrack, a lot of players were seeking just one more bit of an immersive experience. Now try to imagine this, how much more immersive could Jump Force be compared to playing your favorite anime characters with the exact music from the series in the background?

Yup, that would be freaking cool, right! Well, this next mod allows you the opportunity to enjoy just that, next time you’re playing as Luffy or zorro, you’ll get the pleasure of enjoying the series’ most famous OSTs and themes as accompanying background music.

Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man [Jump Skin & Outfit Mod]

Star hats fans will adore this mod, with it you can play as the latest & most epic Luffy transformation. To be more exact, Gear 4 Snake man. By far this is the most powerful state Lufsy ever achieved, first for the seen time in the Whole Cake Island Arc.

if you’re feeling bold enough, go ahead and try this mod and the previous one at the same time. you’re promised to have a huge blessing and pretty much an unforgettable gameplay session.

This marks the end of our best Jump Force mods rundown, we’ll make sure to keep the mods links on this page up-to-date and even add more mods if we deem them worthy of course. However,  In case you still have an appetite for some more PC games mods, check the following entries:

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