[Top 7] Best Death Stranding Mods In 2022

Death Stranding Mods

What are the best Death Stranding mods? Well, We’ve got some ideas for you. Death Stranding is one of the most exciting adventure games out there right now, and it’s got one of the most dedicated communities around, so it should be no surprise that fans have made some pretty impressive mods.

Death Stranding has received positive reviews from many critics including Theverge, IGN, GameSpot, and Game Informer who praised the game in general. However, the modding community saw an opportunity to take advantage of the game’s visuals and gameplay mechanics and add more to it, making it even more enjoyable.

The following list features some of the best Death Stranding mods out there right now. all of which are divided into different sections, each depending on what you want to do with the game, ranging from very simple changes to more in-depth ones. In addition, these mods will be accompanied by links to all their download pages. So be sure to read the install instructions for each mod carefully.

The Best Death Stranding Mods In 2022

The best Death Stranding mods are:

  • Simple Realistic 3D
  • Actors Mod Pack
  • B I O M E
  • UHG Reshade RTGI
  • Depth and Colour ReShade Preset
  • Sam’s Face Retexture
  • Death Stranding RT Reshade

Simple Realistic 3D

We start our list with one of the most endorsed and popular Death Stranding mods, Simple Realistic 3D by crubino is a reshade and Textures mod that adds an extra level of detail and lighting effects to the game and also makes it look a bit brighter while still having a much better shading.

This mod is fairly easy to install, simply extract the files and then move them to the game’s main folder. Also, you can turn this mod on and off as you please just by pressing the Insert key.

Actors Mod Pack

Actors Mod Pack is currently not compatible with the latest version of Death Stranding, yet players can use it with previous versions of the game. It includes tons of features such as 4k supported character models that can be edited, highly detailed clothing and effects, and it also enhances more than 80 in-game textures.

This mod is not only for you to edit Sam, but you can also edit the female characters as well. It also makes it extremely easy to tweak and personalize your characters however you want, from adding some cool tattoos to colorful shirts and trousers, to stylish dresses and eye-catching eye colors.


BIOM by Marinko is a mod that drastically overhauls the game’s landscape in the sense that it introduces four new and unique gameplay atmospheres to Death Stranding.

These 4 biomes or regions are named Moss, Tundra, Vita, and Mortem. As you can see in the above image, the game’s landscape appears to be out of this world, and you should give this mod a try if you enjoy a more graphically realistic and artistic approach to gameplay.

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