[Top 9] Best DMC 5 Mods In 2023

DMC 5 Mods

With the delay of the game’s next release, it’s only normal for players to seek the best DMC 5 mods. Thanks to these highly creative Devil May Cry 5 mods, players can still enjoy the game even after replaying it multiple times.

Devil May Cry 5 is a modern hack-and-slash action game based on Capcom’s classic franchise that, while maintaining Dante as the main protagonist, features new enemies, unique gameplay, and visuals but still respects the standards we are familiar with in the DMC franchise.

In today’s mods listicle, we bring you some of the best DMC 5 mods to make you get back to enjoying the popular Devil May Cry 5 game. So, with no more waiting, let’s jump right into it!

The Best Devil May Cry 5 mods

These are the best DMC 5 mods in 2023:

  • Vergil Chair
  • Game Over Animation Skip
  • COOP Trainer
  • SSSiyan’s Cheat Trainer
  • Turbo Mode And Character Swapper
  • Crimson Red Coat For Dante
  • Devil Bringer
  • DS4 and Switch Pro Controller Button Layout
  • Fluffy Manager 5000

Vergil Chair

Vergil Chair is more of an April’s fool, meaning this DMC 5 mod doesn’t offer anything more than a legit 1 plastic chair for Vergil. nonetheless, the DMC 5 community welcomed it with wide arms. and that’s why we freaking listed here on the top of this mods list haha.

As they say, every king needs a throne. Vergil got him, with some realistic dragging sounds. keep in mind if any of your friends recommend you this mod, then they’re trolling you but in a fun way and maybe a day will come when you do the same to another DMC 5 new player.

Game Over Animation Skip

Game Over Animation Skip is one of the essential Devil May Cry 5 mods. it doesn’t only offer you to skip long eye-boring in-game animations, but also makes your DMC 5 load faster.

This mod is bundled with The Fluffy Manager 5000 mods manager, and you’re advised to install it with it for a smooth gaming experience.

COOP Trainer

The Coop trainer mod comes with a plethora of options for players to play Bloody Palace’s story and missions as they please. The mod’s Divergence mode lets you select between Nero, V, or Dante for a story quest. The mod eliminates all the restraints that specific characters reserved strictly for every quest. Just play with the character of your liking using the co-op trainer mod.

Another excellent feature mod Rasierer introduced in Coop Trainer is to enable up to three players in a single cooperative game. Since Devil May Cry 5 only features co-op in selective missions, it only seems fitting to allow you to enjoy the game with friends rather than just 2.

There are plenty of other tweaks offered by Coop Trainer, which offer graphics settings, boss swapping, player dirty appearances, battle music background settings, Bloody Palace floating pause menu continues, and more.

SSSiyan’s Cheat Trainer

SSSiyan’s Cheat Trainer provides tons of Devil May Cry 5 mods packed into a single Bundle. Players can use cheats, and multiple edits and tweak the game to a large extent depending on what they want by using SSSiyan’s collaborative Cheat Trainer. Naturally, one should try this mod only after completing the main game story of the campaign. Otherwise, modifying the missions, and enemy generation rate can ruin the overall game experience.

Modder SSSiyan has done a great job in making the mod, allowing players the freedom to alter the way they can play the game anytime they choose to do so. Also, since the mod is a cheat trainer, one can always turn its content on or off on the go.

Turbo Mode And Character Swapper

With a new turbo mode injector, which works just fine with the current version of dmc5 and no longer requires a cheat engine. Turbo Mode And Character Swapper is a must-get mod if you’re into not only swapping characters anytime you wish but also enjoying the best turbo mod in all of DMC 5. That’s always being updated thanks to a very caring modding community.

The first the most obvious change is the introduction of the new interface before you would be created with this list of checkboxes upon starting the game you will now instead get this window which contains all of the new options this should make it easier for users to quickly now be at the table and select the options they want the table is divided into six pages that each covers a different set of changes to the game.

Crimson Red Coat For Dante

Dante in DMC 5 is a more mature and surely more experienced demon hunter, which is also reflected in his appearance, which explains why we don’t have the original outfit. But with this mod, all the memories will come back as it brings back his crimson jacket from the old days when he was a younger man,

don’t get us wrong, even though the new wine-colored coat sure looks classy, the added nostalgia factor that the iconic crimson jacket gives is simply unmatched, and no matter if you’re a new DMC 5 player or a veteran, you’ve got to give this cool dmc 5 mod a try.

Devil Bringer

Nero’s Devil Bringer was the trademark demonic weapon that first appeared in Devil May Cry 4. Following a change of events in the next game, Nero was forced to fight enemies using lots of new modifications of his new bionic arm. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop modders from pulling resources out of DMC 4 and using it as one of Devil May Cry 5’s Mods.

Devil Bringer’s creator has successfully replaced Nero’s right bionic arm with Devil Bringer. It certainly made Nero look twice as badass after he has a demonic right arm instead of a modified mechanical arm. However, there is limited use when it comes to using the mod in the game, and it’s more of a graphical pleasure for the players. but still, a great DMC 5 mod to have around.

DS4 and Switch Pro Controller Button Layout

if you’re playing the game on its PC version like me, instead of a mouse and keyboard you are using a controller for Xbox owners is not a big deal but for PlayStation players, it is very hard to keep track of the battle layout since the game only shows the prompts from Xbox and it’s very confusing.

therefore this mod can change the patterns to match either the Ps4 controllers or the Nintendo switch bottom layout making everything so much simpler and easier.

Fluffy Manager 5000

Fluffy Manager 5000 isn’t a DMC 5 mod per se but is more of a mod manager. With more than 100 other DMC 5 mods being dependent on it. The fluffy manager is a must-have if you’re one of those players who adore having tons of mods active while playing Devil May Cry 5.

Using this mods manager isn’t the easiest, that’s why the mod creator provided a video guide for installing it and going through the most important things to know, here is the video :

That’s practically it for our rundown of the best & must-have Devil May Cry 5 mods. Which mod are you planning to try first out of our top ten mods featured above? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.In case you’ve missed it, here are some of our other PC games mods guides:

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