[Top 10] Best Fallout 4 Race Mods You Should Install Today

Fallout 4 Race Mods

What are the best Fallout 4 Race Mods? Fallout 4 is one of the most feature-packed post-apocalyptic role-playing games. with more than 17,000 different mods scattered throughout different categories available to date, it’s not an easy task to find the best mods for you to improve your gameplay and guarantee a unique gaming experience.

Fallout 4 makers, Bethesda focuses a lot of attention on a very important element to ensure a successful game, and that element is its community. Therefore, they foster the development of their players’ content to be incorporated into the game so that other members of the community can enjoy it.

This kind of content or modifications made by the players themselves is referred to as mods. And the versatile nature of these mods makes it now possible to optimize practically any section within the game.

The below list gathers some of the best Fallout 4 Race mods out there right now. They are all segmented into sections, depending on what you want to do with your character’s race: from simple changes to intense and complex ones, these race mods will refresh your gameplay for sure.

The Best Fallout 4 Race Mods

These are the best Fallout 4 Race mods:

  • Lupines Race
  • Vulpines
  • Animerace Nanakochan
  • Cyber Jackal by Project Javelin
  • Playable Bugs
  • Asari race
  • Xarna Female Deathclaw Mutant
  • RaceCustomizer
  • Ren Extended

Lupines Race

With more than 500 endorsements and almost 10 thousand unique downloads, Lupines – Wolf Race mod earned a spot on our best fallout race mods list. It allows players to go around the game as anthropomorphic wolves with the bonus of full facial expressions animation and it includes extra customization options if needed.

based on the Vulpine Race mod which is also on today’s mods list, Lupines¬†requires the assistance of other mods to fully work, those mods being: Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer & LooksMenu both of these are available for download on Nexusmods.


We are still hanging around animal-themed mods, Vulpine Race mod made players go wow the moment it was released in August 2018. with more than 60 thousand total downloads Vulpine allows players to shapeshift into bio-engineered fox-like species.

Vulpine is also available on Xbox & PS4 and is quite compatible with almost all other aspects of fallout 4, it’s advised to use it accompanied by 2 other supporting mods, which are Start Me Up & Body Talk V3. Overall Vulpine brings freshness and fun to the Commonwealth and is vouched for by the biggest fallout 4 streamers.

Animerace Nanakochan

It was just a matter of time before the anime culture and weebs from all around the world invade the fallout 4 scene, AnimeRace Wakaichan brings a slice of anime to your fallout 4 gameplay. What it does is simply transform your Nanakochan into a young character.

Being a sub-race mod, AnimeRace Wakaichan brings both benefits and drawbacks which range between lower health, strength, running speed, and carry-weight with more suitable charisma & agility. To ease down the awkward animation that might happen from time to time, installing and activating the following mods, greatly helps.

Cyber Jackal by Project Javelin

The Cyber Jackal mod has great visuals, that you simply can’t control but adore, This race mod has just been released less than a month ago but already managed to close to 400 endorsements on Nexsusmods.

This mod lets players play as an anthropomorphic android jackal known as a JAVELIN, this Anubis-like majestic creature is exactly what Fallout 4 asked for more. it’s worth noting that JAVELIN doesn’t affect any in-game NPC, but only players. also, it needs the following mods for the best & most optimal performance

Playable Bugs

Playable Bugs by Abbalovesyou is a pure fun race mod, it enables players to play as one of four kinds of bugs in the base game of Fallout 4, these bugs are not easy to control but if you just avoid using the power armor while this mod is active, then everything should go smoothly.

Playable Bugs is not that known like the race mods mentioned above, but we still elected to list it here today because it’s just too fun of a mod to miss, overall 4 bugs type is available for you to pick from which are :

  • RadRoach
  • BloatFly
  • Stingwing
  • Bloodbug

Asari race

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Asari has made an appearance in Fallout 4 thanks to this cool race mod, Simply put this mod allows you to play as her. overall it’s a fun mod to play around with especially if you’re new to the game since This race mod is easier to install and activate than others.

With cool facial animation and realistic body gestures, Asari mod almost got it all. Same as other mods on this list, this mod always requires other assistant mods to perform fully. we listed them below

Xarna Female Deathclaw Mutant

Xarna Female Deathclaw Mutant is closer to being a Fallout 4 adult mod than just a normal race one. it adds a female mutant figure to the game for you to use as your in-game character.

Xarna Female Deathclaw Mutant comes in both a voiced companion and a standalone version, both require their workstation for you to craft her items. also, some of the perks of this mod are increased Strenght and stamina stats, heavy unarmed damage, unsusceptible to radiation, venom, fall damage, and more …


RaceCustomizer is one of the widely known used race mods in Fallout 4 with more than 567,781 total downloads since its release back in January 2018. RaceCustomizer allows you to edit the player’s race entry without affecting NPCs, which wasn’t an easy task before this cool race mod showed up.

You can still use this mod all by itself since it does not have any known dependencies other than the base game. thought players are warned to use this mod while they have custom skeletons mods active.

Ren Extended

This mod is one of the most endorsed race mods in Fallout 4, it allows for each gender and race in-game to now have their meshes and textures. Also, female ghoulies are now possible.

even though this mod is a bit old, thankfully it’s always being updated so you can use it without fear of bugs and crashes.

how to install fallout 4 mods

The first thing we need to learn is how to install Fallout 4 mods. At this point, it is worth noting the fact that, unlike other games, there are mods for each platform where Fallout 4 is available.

Thus, we are going to begin to show you what you need to be able to install it on each of them and thus be able to enjoy its incredible features.

  • First, you must download the Bethesda launcher.
  • Then, download one of the Fallout 4 race mods mentioned above
  • The next step is to move them to the mods folder in the game directory. In case it does not exist, you can create it without issues.
  • Open the Bethesda launcher.
  • Select the mods option.
  • Choose the mod or mods you want to use in the game.

That’s all for our fallout 4 race mods list, now that you know what are the best mods and how to use them. go hop on your game and give these a try and don’t forget to let us how things go.

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