[Top 9] Best H3VR Mods You Should Be Trying In 2023

The Best H3VR Mods 2022

If ever there was a video game that could use mods, it’d be H3VR. H3VR mods, similar to user-generated content for games like XCOM 2 or Stelarris, enable players to populate the smaller gaps and quality of life tweaks on behalf of the Dev Team so they can concentrate on the greater picture.

Below is a selection of some of our favorite mods for the VR sandbox game also known as Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. However, due to the somewhat forever changing nature of Unity version 5.6 and the fact that Mods managers can shut down any time, this H3VR mods list is somewhat incomplete but if a mod is listed here that means it has been tested and guaranteed to work 100%


These are the best H3VR mods:

  • Better Hands
  • CursedDLLs
  • WurstMod
  • ModulFAL 
  • TimeTravelTimmy


Better Hands is a mod that 99% of the H3VR community just loved the second they laid eyes on. With this cool H3vr mod, you’re able to Mag Palming, so we can have two held at once which is a lot more useful than you may initially think.

This mod also has a pretty good feature which is Hand Customization . which includes but is not limited to Recoloring controller geo and interaction spheres, furthermore individual interaction area radius and individual interaction visual spheres are both resizable while using Better Hands.


CursedDLLs mod by Potatoes, don’t be fooled by the name of its maker for this mod has more than 10 thousand downloads already. CursedDLLs come in 5 versions but we always recommend using the latest release to avoid any bugs or a bad gaming experience.

while using this mod you can expect the following :

  • Bipods have balanced recoil, more rearward than upward
  • Closed bolt rifles and handguns have a full auto safety setting
  • You can apply any attachment on any weapon in any attachment point
  • allows any magazine or clip to be used on any gun

Plus other cool stuff that we choose not to mention, and left for you to explore. when we tried this mod we knew that it would make a good fit for our best H3VR mods, we hope you enjoy it as well.


This newly-released H3vr mod captured our attention straight away, with a good sum of FALS to choose from, Modulfal adds a fun flavor to your gameplay thanks to its ability to single-load rounds into the gun and some really juicy noises.

Even though not all players like Fals, we are sure most of them will get behind an SA-58 OSW . another bonus is the original wood & Polymer cold-war bits and a full PARA Kit. this Mod is simply a must-have and it’s very advised to use it with WurstMod, trust us we tried it and it’s double the fun.


TimeTravelTimmy by devyndamonster is amongst the most downloaded H3vr mods with more than 3500 users already. What makes TimeTravelTimmy a must-have mod, is the fact that it provides you with some very interesting H3vr Custom Characters, we listed them below for you to take a look at:

  • Comrade Kolbasa – A character who can only use Russian and Czech weaponry
  • Time Travel Timmy – Progress through each age of weaponry, from the wild west to modern
  • PMC Pete – An Escape From Tarkov-themed character

It’s worth noting that this mod requires 2 other accompanying mods in order to work fully which are DeliCollective-Deli & TakeAndHoldTweaker.

That’s it for our best H3vr Mods list, we know it’s a short one but trust us these 5 mods alone will triple the fun you get out of your gameplay.

Feel free to hit the Comment box and let us know which mod is your favorite or if you have any questions related to H3vr.

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