[Top 7] Best Minecraft Animal Mods You Should Try In 2022

Minecraft Animal Mods

Minecraft has a ton of animals. Pigs, cows, chickens, you name it; the game probably has it. But the world is constantly changing and evolving, and things don’t stay the same forever. So if you want to have more animals spread all over the map, there are plenty of Minecraft animal mods out there, which you can easily download and enrich the animalistic and wildlife aspect of the game.

Minecraft is one of those sandbox games liked by kids & also adults. It’s set in an open world in which you can build pretty much anything to create, and it is full of cute animals like pigs and cows that seem pretty good to snack on. You could probably even have your dog trained to attack Creepers if you wanted to.

Besides the default in-game animals, players & devs themselves have also come up with many animal mods to add some exciting features to the game. Whether you’re looking for a cute bunny to bring home with you or a terrifying zombie horse that will chase down your foes or wanna fulfill your batman fantasies and have some bats as companions, there is something for everyone.

What kind of animal mods could we showcase here today? But it was a tough job. We wanted something that everyone would enjoy—fun and unique. And after all that time spent thinking, discussing, and evaluating, we came up with a list of 10 Minecraft animal mods we think you should try. So let’s get right down to it!

10 Best Minecraft Animals & Wildlife Mods In 2022

Here are the best Animal mods in Minecraft:

  • LotsOMobs
  • Fire and Ice: Dragon
  • Untamed Wilds
  • Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt
  • JurassiCraft
  • Animania
  • Exotic Birds
  • Mo’ Creatures
  • More Nature
  • Companion Pets

LotsOMobs Mod

The first mod we’ll talk about is called LotsOfMobs. This mod adds to your world 25 new mobs raging between different species, such as birds, wolves, and other creatures. However, they behave a bit differently than the typical animals you’re used to seeing. These animals are more intelligent than usual, and they can perform tasks helping you in building your Minecraft house, etc…

Fire and Ice: Dragons

This mod is designed for true fantasy fans, adding many creatures from hippogryphs, Cyclops, sea creepers, sea serpents, hydras, and, as protagonists, dragons. Allowing you to train them, mount them and navigate the world on the back of a dragon, you can also scour their lairs to collect new types of equipment, find dragon eggs, and craft pieces of equipment to use them.

Untamed Wilds Mod

Untamed Wilds is an open-source mod that attempts to further enhance Minecraft’s environment exploration by adding new creatures featured in various biomes, thus allowing the entire game to feel a lot more life-like. Some of the animals featured in this mods include but are not limited to feline, rhinoceros, hyenas, sharks, small and large snakes, and a few others that we’ve chosen not to mention to avoid any spoilers.

Zoo and Wild Animals Rebuilt Mod

Zoo and Wild Animals is another one of the most popular Minecraft mods. With this mod, you introduce even more animals to Minecraft, including anteaters, camels, Capybaras, and Giraffes. Some of which can be controlled.

Together with the animals, there are a fun variety of buildings, plants, items, and weapons to aid you in surviving the wilderness, hunting animals, and eventually building the best zoo you can.

JurassiCraft Mod

The name of this mod already indicates what it is about, offering us the option of introducing the missing link in Minecraft, which is the Dinosaurs. Yes, you heard right, get ready to live now the whole experience of the Jerrasic world, only this time on Minecraft.

Animania Minecraft Mod

Animaniabrings a dash of realness to your livestock barn, particularly the pigs, sheep, chickens, and cows. It aims to better the overall mood and behavior of your animals in Minecraft, all while adding its unique creatures to the mix. The animals will require regular food and water, and specific conditions to be happy. This mod pushes animal care to an entirely new level in Minecraft that is not commonly encountered.

Exotic Birds In Minecraft

If there is anything Minecraft is still missing, it’s aerial creatures. This mod comes in to fix that by adding birds ranging from ducks and owls, crane pelicans, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, swans, flamingos, and penguins to the habitat they prefer. Also, for whatever reason, the author of this mod saw fit to introduce the ability for eggs to spawn in trees, too.

Mo Creatures Mod

Mo’ Creatures is the oldest and most epic mod in the hall of fame regarding Minecraft animal mods. With more than 58 new mobs added, some of which can be tamed and ridden, others like to spar with each other, and others will spawn in random parts of the game, such as the nether.

More Wild Nature Mod

This mod adds new and unique Biomes, including 912 trees from all over the world, all under a new tree structure. In addition, you can freely dive into the darkness of newly made caves instead of the boring default caves. Thanks to its cave generator, glowing mushrooms, stalagmites, ice, and roots, you can experience more unusual and epic adventures.

Companion Pets & Animals

The last mod we’ll talk about is the Companion Pets mod. As the name suggests, it adds a better variety of animals to your game. You can tame them by feeding them, which will cause them to follow you around and do tricks. They’re great for companion animals. Furthermore, they won’t attack monsters unless provoked and won’t harm you in any way. The mod even includes an automatic animal feeder that ensures your animals don’t starve if you must leave them alone for a while.

Look at that; you’ve reached the end of our list of the best Animal mods in Minecraft. And as usual, if there are other mods for animals or wildlife we may have missed that should have been on the list, do let us know in the comments below!

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