[Top 11] Best Outward Mods You Shouldn’t Be Playing Without

Outward Mods

Hello there RPG lovers, it looks like you’re on the hunt for the best Outward mods! We’ve got you covered. Outward is a survival game with a focus on exploration and discovery, where you can choose how you want to play. It features an open world with a variety of environments, including deserts, forests, mountains, and more.

The game also has an emphasis on character customization, allowing you to change your character’s appearance at will. With mods, players can expand the game’s offerings even further by adding more content or changing some in-game features if they so desire.

So today we have gathered around we humbly think some of the best Outward mods for you, that you’ll hopefully greatly benefit from. because they could potentially eliminate some frustrations that certain players have, especially the newbies and concerned potential buyers.

The Best Outward Mods Released So Far in 2022

Here are the best Outward Mods:

  • Player Map Markers
  • Bag Map Markers
  • Enable sitting
  • Meditation
  • Second Quick Slot Mod
  • Outward SideLoader Mod
  • Combat hud

Player Map Markers

We kick off our Outward mods list with player map markers mod, a very straightforward outward utility mod that makes a big impact on gameplay. it will simply show your location on the map and your friend’s location if you are playing in co-op.

Outward was intentionally designed without the ability to see your character’s location on the map and for the most part, this isn’t a big deal because you can still use certain locations to get your bearings, so if you are one of those players who don’t like to feel lost while exploring then this mod is the perfect hack for you.

Bag Map Markers

Next, we have yet another mod by the same author, and it complements the first mod very nicely. Bag map markers will show you the location of your last dropped bag on the map. Now without this mod, you can only see the location of the bag you dropped on the compass.

However, this mod will completely change that experience by displaying the location of your last dropped bag on the map, so if you are one of those players who panic every time they drop their bags, this mod will be a great help to you.

Enable sitting

Next on our Outward Mods list is one called Enable Sitting, on the description page of this mod, the author states that this feature was already in the beta version of the game but for some reason, the game’s developers didn’t include it in the final version of the game.

To enable this animation you will have to navigate to the settings and then to the keybinds area and assign the desirable key for it, by itself this mod makes your character take a seat, but the next one on the list will give this mod a greater intended purpose.


Meditation is a mod that will restore burn stats when your character is seated, which means that this mod will not function without our previous mod listed above. This can help you a lot, mind you, it will make the game easier by eliminating the need to use special drinks to recover burn stats.

On the plus side, if you find yourself using the sleep tent a lot just to recover burn, stamina, and health, then this mod may be more practical and easier to use for that purpose, you can also change the regen rate in the config file that comes with the mod.

Second Quick Slot Mod

Next, we have a mod called the second quick slot and as the name already suggests this mod will allow you to have another quick slot bar, you can switch to the second bar by pressing the tab key and it will automatically give you eight new slots. These work the same as your default quick slot and even your Keybinds will remain the same.

To start adding new spells and items, do the same as you would normally do, simply go into the spells tab or inventory and choose to add to the quick slot bar this mod will give you many more options for faster gameplay not to mention it will remove the limit to create more complex builds.

And Yeah, this was a short Outward mods list, but still very handy. Make sure to bookmark this page and revisit it often, because we’ll be adding new mods once they are tested and vetted by our OffmetaGaming Staff.

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