[Top 10] Best Planet Zoo Mods You Should Install

Planet Zoo Mods

Hey there Zookeeper! Looking for some Planet Zoo mod, aren’t you? Well, you’ve landed on the perfect gaming blog. Planet Zoo is one of the best simulation PC games that gamers of all ages can enjoy, the game is all about building, expanding, and maintaining a zoo filled with wild animals. But what if you could make the experience even better? With these mods we’re sharing with you today, you can do just that.

There are a lot of mods out there for Planet Zoo. Many of them are pretty good, and some of them are great. However, we’ve taken the time to narrow it down to the top 10 best Planet Zoo mods currently available to install and enjoy.

Our rundown includes almost every type of mods players will ever look for, from cheat mods to dinosaur mods as well, as fish and non-replacement mods, and finally, we’ll drop one or two money mods to help your Zoo thrive and keep those lovely animals happy.

The Best Planet Zoo Mods

The best Planet Zoo mods are:

  • Planet Zoo Plus
  • Better First-Person Mode
  • Realistic Path Replacement Pack
  • FreeBuild – Expanded Building
  • Zebra Pack 2.0

Planet Zoo Plus

a lot of players love planet zoo plus and so do we. in case you are not familiar with this mod already planet zoo plus overhauls the entire game. A lot of the changes relate to the plants for all the animals ensuring that they are able to do well with various amounts of greenery there.

It also changes up some of the animals to become much more realistic in size whether it is the American bison, Indian camel, Indian elephant, or Malayan elephant. They all have their sizes bumped up so they look even better

Better First-Person Mode

kyodenic’s first-person mod enables you to enter into a tanged cam in the easiest and smoothest way possible. by simply pressing control and X you can enter directly into first-person mode seamlessly and without the need to rename any staff member.

This is extremely convenient when you don’t wish to keep renaming the same staff member to get a good perspective of what you are building from the guests’ perspective or even from the animals’ perspective. Furthermore, this is a very easy mod to download and install and is quite often one of the most useful mods you should use every time you start up Planet Zoo.

Realistic Path Replacement Pack

the path replacement pack, while it’s not really anything much at the moment, was released specifically to make the whole zoo planet passing through helpful. many players have now expressed some puzzlement about the aquatic path not being really usable, except it has one of the most useful fences in the game as you can see in the image above, fences do come in extremely handy, particularly in high-end zoos.

Also, the author of this mod wanted to ensure that the whole Planet Zoo community could have access to what was previously a very limited and private mod that wasn’t even released on Nexus. In short, this pack will overhaul all of Planet Zoo’s useless paths and suchlike as a way to give you much more diverse and much more realistic paths.

FreeBuild – Expanded Building

The advanced free build mod is a wonderful mod to have installed because it enables you to completely overhaul the whole game, it also makes it possible for you to place paths anywhere you like, even up to 1 meter, you can also change the paths and make them overlap each other, although this can mess up with guest navigation, it can help you if you are the type of player who doesn’t use gas in their parks.

As mentioned before, this mod allows you to place paths pretty much anywhere, if you want to have an underwater tunnel, that’s perfectly fine, if you want to have fences that form different and interesting shapes, that’s fine as well.

However, one of my favorite features of this mod is the fact that you can have foliage and terrain brushes up to 60 meters that allow for much more advanced terraforming and makes room for much more creativity on your part.

Zebra Pack 2.0

If you’re into Zebras then this mod is a must-have, The zebra pack features 8 new zebra subspecies and a redesigned plains zebra which is now Grant’s zebra. To be more precise, this pack includes the remastered Grant’s Zebra, Burchell’s Zebra, Chapman’s Zebra, Crawshay’s Zebra, Maneless Zebra, Grevy’s Zebra, Hartmann’s Zebra, and the Cape Mountain Zebra and the Quagga Zebra. This mod is also available in 3 languages which are Polish, English, and Spanish.

Some features this Zebra pack includes are :

  • 3D models
  • Textures & Zoopedias
  • Pictures and models
  • Environment requirements
  • Custom information tables
  • Modified rigs

One last thing to keep in mind is that all of these mods listed above will not affect anybody else’s game so you could use these while not fearing that the project or game would break in between you and another player. Or even if you wanna put them on the Steam workshop, since these are all packs and mods that will help to improve your Planet Zoo experience for the better.

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