[Top 5] Best Teardown Mods Of All Times & How To Install Them

Best Teardown Mods

Today On Stealthincgame we’ll be showcasing the best Teardown Mods on Steam workshop. Teardown is one of the most exciting simulation PC games that challenge you to set up the ultimate attraction in a realistic and fully destructible sandbox world. Knockdown walls with vehicles or explosives to make pathways, stack objects to get higher, and utilize the surrounding landscape to your favor in the coolest and most creative way.

The game relies heavily on advanced physics, which aims to realistically simulate destruction in an angular voxel look. The objective is to complete a kind of heist on several levels. For this, players have to accomplish several tasks, sometimes in a limited amount of time.

However, to reach all the destinations in the given time, shortcuts are often necessary. Thus, you have to blast holes in walls, smash through buildings with the help of placeable items, and demolish entire houses with the help of bulldozers. The game relies heavily on advanced physics, which aims to realistically simulate destruction in an angular voxel look.

This Teardown mods guide covers a variety of the different kinds out there, with the sole purpose of adding more interest to the game. They are an accumulation of weapons, vehicles, maps, and many other interesting mods. That’s why we hand-picked what we humbly think are the best Teardown mods ever made, and have put them all in one list for you to access and enjoy.

Downloading and installing mods in Teardown does not seem to be anything too complicated, but we’ll also be covering that in case you’re a new player and need a hand-installing steams workshop mods manually.

The Best Teardown Mods Of All Times

The best Teardown mods on the steam workshop are:

  • Teardown Buildings In Minecraft Style
  • The Flamethrower
  • Teardown Map Mod
  • Modern House Mod
  • Teardown Apartments
  • Telekinesis
  • Teardown Mod Menu – Turning into objects
  • Throwable Moon
  • Tornadoes Mod
  • М1 Garand

Teardown Buildings In Minecraft Style

Teardown is often compared to Minecraft by so many players. Thanks to this mod, that comparison is only increased. It adds a whole small village to the game, which is accessible for visiting and exploring. The village itself is very high quality and many objects have been added to it.

There are little houses, a blacksmith shop, a church, trees, and other objects. And all of this is made in the famous Minecraft style which is beloved by many players. It goes without saying that all the facilities and buildings are completely destroyed. So, if you ever had the desire to destroy a small Minecraft village with your own hands, then you can easily do it with the help of this mod.

The Flamethrower

In Teardown, you can endlessly smash your entire neighborhood. Several weapons are available for this purpose. However, it seems that something is missing from the beginning. The author of this mod seems to recognize what it is and has added the Flamethrower, which all virtual Firebending fans will appreciate. This weapon mod adds some fun to the overall experience. After all, there’s nothing better than just admiring another burning building

The mod is made with high-quality visuals and you can tell right away that the author has approached it with a lot of dedication. The fire effect is done at a very good level, as well as the burning of objects. With the flamethrower mod, you can burn all buildings around you in a couple of seconds.

Teardown Map Mod

Just cause it’s on the 3rd spot, doesn’t this isn’t one the best Teardown mods of all time. This map mod will be great for you, especially if you are one eye pirate with 3 swords who often get lost easily. You can destroy a single building or an entire city. The visual effect of the destruction looks great: the map is riddled with meteorite trails and it crashes into the target. At the moment the mod is available on the maps Mountain Range, Downtown, and Villa Gordon.

Modern House Mod

This mod introduces to the game a whole house, designed in a very modern style. It has several rooms, a gallery, your study room and much more. Of course, everything inside the house can be demolished. In addition, a garage and garden await the player outside, which can also be moved around.

The mod itself is very well done. All the objects look pretty pleasing to the eye. Particularly pleased with the kitchen. It features all modern appliances and is done in light and dark colors.

Teardown Apartments

The mod was first created for the beta version of the game. But then it was kept in the official version of Teardown. This mod adds an entire map to the game. It contains a huge skyscraper and a gas station next to it. All in all, it makes a large destructible map with different interesting locations. Within the building, there are rooms on each floor with different interior furnishings

And of course, you can destroy and break them all. The level of detail is amazing. For example, you can open the drawer of the table and find their donuts. The passage of the map “Apartments” will be interesting to all players. By the way, in the options, you can select the day or night version of the location.


Every gamer out there has fantasized about having some extraordinary powers. And controlling objects with your mind is one of the most sought-after ones. This Telekinesis mod allows players to move various things in Teardown. This can be used not only for simple entertainment but also to help you complete the next task. For instance, is an obstacle in your way?

Sure, you could take a sledgehammer and try to demolish it. But it is easier to use telekinesis to make a huge rock blow away everything in its path. It will be faster and more fun. Destruction of the game world thanks to this module becomes an even more fascinating quest. After all, you can interact with almost any object.

Teardown Mod Menu

Always wanted to understand what it’s like to be a house or a rock? Most likely not, but this Teardown mod menu allows you to do so. The fact is that with it you can turn into anything you want. Of course, this only applies to those objects that are present on this map. Performing the transformation is very easy. Just take the new tool in your hand and click on the desired item. And there, you have transformed into the object you want.

Once done, the player can turn back into himself, turn on the local equivalent of cheats, increase the “explosive effect” of the object of transformation and just move around the map. In short, this mod is great for fans of unusual entertainment.

Throwable Moon

Of course, small explosives are very convenient and fun to blow up surrounding structures. But what to do when you want something on a larger scale? Oh, there’s a way out. You can install this mod called Throwing Moon. From the name, it is already clear what it brings to the game. From now on, you can use celestial planets as bombs, and it’s a lot of fun. There are three different moons available to the player.

They all differ from each other in their power level. Of course, you do not have to expect a destructive effect equal to the damage from the real moon, but these “celestial booms” will allow you to quickly clear the way for the next action of the heist.

Tornadoes Mod

This mod allows the player to feel like a hero for a while. For he has access to a new destructive weapon – a cannon, which, rather than shots, is capable of creating an infinite number of tornadoes. The force is capable of destroying everything in its path and facilitating access to items to be stolen. The tornado is triggered by simply clicking the right mouse button. The cannon then creates a tornado, which begins to sweep all nearby objects.

It vanishes after a while and works even if another weapon is already selected. In the beginning, you can just walk around and enjoy the effect. The tornado appears close to the player and starts dragging all nearby objects. There is real chaos going on all around dust, flying small and large objects, which gradually collapse. All this looks amazing.

М1 Garand

This mod will suit those who are tired of powerful destructive weapons and want to try something less complicated. In that case, there is nothing better than the famous American M1 Garand rifle. It was a real symbol of the United States in World War II.

This rifle mod is now available for players in Teardown. Granted, the detailing corresponds to the game’s graphics, but still, the appearance of the weapon is recognizable, and it is impossible to confuse it with any other.

This concludes our rundown of the best Teardown mods in 2022, we’ll make sure to keep this list updated with new mods once they are deemed worthy. Also in case you’d like to explore more similar games mods, have a look at the selection below:

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