[Top 10] Best Terraria Mods You Shouldn’t Be Playing Without

Best Terraria Mods

Today on Stealthincgame.com we take you through the best Terraria mods that you can install and start enjoying right now. We’ll also list down all the steps you need to follow to install mods in Terraria successfully. Terraria is a 2D sandbox in the style of Minecraft, offering you plenty of freedom of action to overcome the dangers that lie behind this multicolored universe. Exploration, collecting of resources, building, and crafting items through recipes are all features that make up the charm of what can only be described as one of the best indie games in 2022.

Terraria is a pretty great fun full game, however, these awesome mods are guaranteed to improve your gaming experience significantly. From 1.4 mods, and mobile mods, to the best quality-of-life Terraria mods out there, we’ll cover it all. So make sure to keep on scrolling.

The so-called Minecraft’s 2D brother takes us on Wii U to a rather unusual world where we have to survive by utilizing the tools at our disposal in an extremely clever manner. So, starting with a short copper sword, a pickaxe, and an ax, we have to use the first one to defeat the enemy, the harmless green slime, while our pickaxe will be used to dig and get materials such as blocks of earth, stones, and other minerals, finally, our ax will be used to cut trees and get wood.

Below you will discover the 10 most essential and best Terraria mods in 2022, so find out what they are and do not hesitate to experiment with them!

The Best Terraria Mods In 2022

The best Terraria mods are:

  • Terraria Overhaul
  • The Thorium Mod
  • AlchemistNPC
  • Calamity
  • Super Terraria World
  • N Terraria
  • Virtuous Weapon Mod Pack
  • Terraria LBP
  • FISHING 2.0

Terraria Overhaul

Terraria Overhaul can be listed under the Terraria content mods category. This mod significantly improves the quality of the existing game content. Nearly all aspects of the game have been revised. However, the game mechanics themselves, which have been completely changed, deserves your special attention. These are only a few of the innovations:

  • Artificial intelligence is now more aggressive.
  • Weapons were completely overhauled.
  • Added ability to climb blocks.
  • Improved interactivity of surrounding objects.
  • Major changes in character movements, as well as in melee combat.

The Thorium Mod

This is another Terraria mod that will introduce a whole lot of new content to the game. And this applies to just about everything there is. The player will be facing 180 completely new enemies. However, the most dangerous, of course, will be the bosses, particularly 11 never seen before. The game world will be enriched with ten towns, where you can interact with the inhabitants.

Thanks to the Thorium Mod, will be able to approach construction and building in a completely new way, as the mod will add more than 150 relevant items to use. New armor, as many as 55 sets of armor, will also help you ready for the battle with your enemies.


A huge addon for a game that will probably take you at least a whole week to explore. There are over 1350 items, 200 NIEs, 8 bosses, 6 mini-bosses, 2 events, and 2 biomes. A distinctive feature of this mod is the glyph mechanic that enhances the character’s weapons, for example, a bee glyph covers the hero with honey, regenerates him, and unleashes bees to attack his enemies.


The developers of ANTIARIS have not added as much new content but emphasized its quality and refinement. For example, there are over 440 new items, all carefully designed. The player comes across a little more than 20 new mobs. There is also in the arsenal of modification of a nice melody, which will accompany the character during his adventures.


As the name of this Terraria QoL mod suggests, it introduces new NPCs. To be more precise, we are speaking about merchants. They will trade magic potions, as well as items. Even blocks can be obtained. There are a total of eight new NPCs. Also a little bit more range of items.

You never know which item will prove useful, or perhaps you won’t have sufficient potions to craft an interesting object. Thanks to new merchants, your character’s life in the 2D virtual world is going to get a little easier.


Another 1.4 content mod, intended to enhance the game’s overall gameplay component, is on the way. Additionally, more balance will be achieved for many of the available items, of which, by the way, there will be more than 1,880 units.

Another excellent add-on for players will be five new difficulty modes that will seriously test your skills. There are going to be more than 275 new enemies. Each one will need its own special tactic to defeat. Plus good gear which includes armor and weapons.

Super Terraria World

The next mod on this list will dramatically expand the scope of the original game world. With it would be allowed to travel between different worlds. With this massive change, the game becomes a real MMORPG. A lot of different locations, characters, and exciting quests await you. One more cool feature: the lighting has undergone changes as well.

After installing the mod, the player will be offered the opportunity to upgrade the skills of his character. There are also some passive skills. And the storyline will not let you get bored while making unexpected turns and presenting surprises. The locations will also contain some background rooms, increasing the intensity of the atmosphere.

N Terraria

Love the Anime video games genre and would like to add it to Terraria. The proper anime mod is at your disposal! First of all, it will allow you to upgrade your character’s skills. A list of quests, both major and minor, will be greatly expanded. As well, there will be a race and class system. All this will give the game in a brand-new fashion.

Apart from this, the player will be able to see the game in a new way. New enemies and bosses to fight with will appear. Lots of different items will come in handy for building and creating different types of useful things.

Virtuous Weapon Mod Pack

This Terraria weapons mod will definitely appeal to those who lack variety in their arsenal. Your current available inventory will increase by 23 weapons. And each one has its own special characteristics that will help you beat your enemies more effectively. For example, the character will be able to arm the Globber, which first collects objects around, and then shoot them at enemies.

Altogether, the mod features Melee weapons, Ranged, and Magical weapons. And all of which are perfectly balanced. Furthermore, there are laser designators, which will come in handy in battle. You can now resist even the most numerous attacks of monsters.

Terraria LBP

Builders, this mod was created especially for you! All because it will be adding several interesting opportunities for construction. Your inventory will be enriched with useful items. You will be able to construct a real work of art from your home. Or a royal palace.

All you need is included in this small Terraria building mod, including some of the following elements, which will be added to the game: railings, stairs, columns, platforms, glasses, and much more. There is also a large selection of decorations to choose from.


A small fishing mod that can significantly expand the capabilities of one aspect of the game. And that is FISHING 2.0! If you spend quite a lot of time on this activity, then this mod will delight you with new content. With it, fishing will become much more interesting.

New species of fish will be introduced, and it won’t be so easy to catch them. This will be helped by the latest fishing rods, as well as a wide selection of baits. Weapons will also be added, as only weapons can be used against some of the fish that live beneath the waves.

We will continue to regularly update this list in the future with new Terraria mods, so remember to keep checking back, and please do tell us if we have left out any of your personal favorites. Also take a look at our Terraria Guides below, if you’re eager to learn more about this 2D fantastic game.

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