[Top 5] Best VRChat Mods You Should Try In 2022

VRChat Mods

Hey there virtual gamers, If you’re looking for the best VRChat mods, you’ve come to the right place. VRChat is a huge environment full of online lobbies in which players move around, voice chat, and interact with each other. It is a large virtual environment in which players can immerse themselves in a completely virtual life-size area filled with games and activities, and by embodying an avatar that faithfully represents them, interact with other users across the Internet.

If you’re looking for a way to make your VR experience more immersive, you should definitely give mods a try, VRChat is also a platform for modders to show off their work. That’s why today we’ll be sharing with you what we humbly think are the safest and best Vrchat mods out there.

The Best VRChat Mods In 2023

Here are the best VRChat Mods:

  • Unlimited Favorites mod
  • Melonloader mods
  • VRchat Flying mod
  • VRchat Mod Menu
  • Crasher mod
  • VRchat Mod Manager
  • Avatar Search mod
  • VRchat Voice mod

Unlimited Favorites mod

Have you ever wanted to get avatars in Vrchat for free? more like having unlimited avatars! then you’re gonna want to have the Unlimited Favorites mod installed for sure¬† (Also known as VRChat Avatar Search mod). first, you wanna go to your favorite web browser and search for Melon Loader, once you’re on the main page you should scroll down till you see the automated installation link, go ahead and download the Melow Loader following the steps from the installation page.

Next, you’ll need to install the EmmVRC mod and copy the EmmVRC files into your VRChat mods folder. once done relaunch your game and head to your Avatar’s menu, there should be a new section called EmmVRC Favorite, and from there you search for an avatar you’d like to use.

Melonloader mods

Melonloader mods are in fact a collection of various VRChat mods all bundled together under one umbrella, aimed at improving the user experience or fixing in-game bugs and issues. For instance, FavCat will aim to improve native patching in all installed mods.

While the JoinNotifier will add an option to log joins/leaves to Console, which is tremendously helpful. And lastly, the CameraMinus mod will update to new UIX APIs and overall camera control. There are quite some other mods in this bundle that should absolutely checkout using the button below.

VRChat Voice mod

Thanks to the VRChat mod you’ll be able to create virtual worlds and characters with an additional unique level of personalization using the Voicemod VRChat voice changer. You get to pick from among hundreds of different voices and background sound effects, switch your voice, and tone, add background music and customize your audio settings however you want.

Before we end this list, Tampering with the VRChat client is not permitted by the VRChat Terms of Service and could lead to your account getting suspended. However, the VRChat Team is more unforgiving towards those that use mods with bad intentions in mind, like trolling and abusing their teammates. We made sure that our list of mods today s pretty safe compared to those.

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