[Top 5] Best Witcher 3 Combat Mods You Should Be Using In 2022

Witcher 3 Combat Mods

Looking for the best Witcher 3 combat mods, aren’t ya? The Witcher 3’s combat is already quite good and cant pretty intense. All that being said, gameplay can feel a bit slow at times, especially when you’ve played through the game multiple times, or if you’re looking to build up your character and tackle difficult quests early on in the game. So if you’re looking to pick up the pace of combat in The Witcher 3 and enhance your overall gameplay, we’ve got something that you might appreciate.

So if you’re ready to jazz things up a notch, these Witcher 3 combat mods will help you do just that. They’ll make fighting more challenging, make enemies both stronger and smarter, and will even enable you to tweak the entire way your character moves.

Best of all, all of the mods we’re showcasing today are free to download and enjoy. We’ve made sure that each one has been thoroughly tested by our team before including them in this list so that we can ensure their reliability. So what are you waiting for, Go ahead and have a look at these outstanding combat mods!

The Best Witcher 3 Combat Mods

The best Witcher 3 combat mods are:

  • Auto Apply Oils
  • Enemies of Rivia
  • Combat Shields
  • Critical Slow Motion Combat Mod
  • Absolute Camera
  • Witcher 3 – Enhanced Edition
  • Total Combat Immersion List
  • Better Combat Evolved
  • Exotic Arsenal – Weapon DLC
  • Gervant – First-Person Combat Mod

Auto Apply Oils

Some of the thrill in The Witcher 3’s combat lies in picking the most effective oil against each monster and being able to appropriately mix them. However, those who are kinda new to the game, or simply think that it is mind-numbing to open the inventory at the beginning of each battle, will find their solution in the Auto Apply Oils mod, thanks to which the game automatically identifies the enemy and applies the most effective oil.

Enemies of Rivia

If you fancy an eventful life by making things even more difficult for yourself, the Enemies of Rivia mod may just be what you’re after. Essentially, NPC characters and monsters will have their use of stamina, blocking, counterattacks, and dodges improved, as well as become more aggressive. NPCs with long swords will gain more combat animations, those with two-handed weapons will no longer be slowed down, and archers can now attack you from a long distance.

Combat Shields

Geralt of Rivia is a tough warrior who does not need shields. Or does he? Well, it never hurts to have something to protect yourself from enemy attacks in melee combat, which is why this mod adds a huge selection of shields with more than 40 models that can be used in the game to block swords, arrows, and so on. The Shields mod also adds a total of 56 new pieces of armor, as well as different kinds of hoods and some cloaks.

Critical Slow Motion Combat Mod

The action scenes in The Witcher 3 turned out to be somewhat far less spectacular and cinematic than the trailers had let us imagine. The Critical Slow Motion Combat mod aims to remedy this, by slowing down the action every time Geralt lands a critical hit. This might sound basic to you, but remember not to judge a mod by its cover.

Absolute Camera

Thanks to the Absolute Camera mod, the positioning of the camera can be customized to the player’s preferences for different purposes such as exploration, numerous types of combat, meditation, research, running, swimming, horseback riding, sailing, and exploring interiors, or using the witcher’s powers. In total, 17 types of cameras can be customized.

Witcher 3 – Enhanced Edition

The name of the mod is The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition and it is a project that overhauls the combat system to give it a more strategic look. By this, we mean that it introduces 3 types of attacks, long, medium, and short-range. it also makes the energy bar charge slower to prevent the button-mashing technique, it also features new animations to make it more challenging to apply oils and drink potions, as well as some crucial changes to the use of signs, alchemy, and meditation.

Nevertheless, bearing in mind that combat not only involves Geralt but also his enemies, the mod’s developers made some changes in this area. For example, now the level of your opponents will not be scaled and each one will have preset stats. Likewise, this epic combat mod also provides a wider selection of attacks to prevent your opponents from constantly fighting with the same patterns

Total Combat Immersion List

If you take yourself for a veteran and you’re interested in making the battles in the Witcher 3 more challenging, here’s The right combat mod for you. Many players see it as one of the best Witcher 3 mods out there.

Upon successful installation, you will find it trickier to engage your enemies, making it harder for you to see the monsters as easily. Additionally, it will be made easier for the monsters to amass. This way, you’ve got nothing but your skills to rely on.

Exotic Arsenal – Weapon DLC

You want more weapons to use, so you’re gonna want to download the exotic arsenal weapon DLC mod which adds a lot of customized weapons to the game. To install it, first, you need to download the zip file, then copy the mod file into the mod folder, and place the DLC file into the DLC folder.

After starting the game, all those new weapons should now already make it into the game, if you want them to appear in your inventory you simply download the console enabler mod. Overall, this combat mod doesn’t break the game, it just adds more variety to the game while also being lore-friendly.

These were all the Witcher 3 combat mods that we’ve had stored for today, we’ll make sure to add new ones once they are fully tested by our staff. Meanwhile, if you’ve got any questions related to this list or The Witcher 3 in general, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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