[Top 11] Best Witcher 3 Mods You Should Install Right Now

Witcher 3 Mods

Looking for the best Witcher 3 mods? Whether it’s your first-ever playthrough or the 99th, mods will be of great help to your gaming experience in the witcher 3, from armor, weapons, improved graphics, changing the map, magic, and inventory, to replacing Geralt with Henry Cavill. We’ll be covering the most essential and diverse mods to take your Witcher 3 gameplay to the next level.

As you’d imagine the Witcher 3 is a well-known game for almost everyone out there. This game won the hearts of a huge number of gamers worldwide, not only it is the one best RPGs On Nintendo Switch but to this day it remains the best in its genre on PC and the rest of the gaming platforms.

Several studios are now trying to outdo this one-of-a-kind PC, PS5/PS4 Adventure Game, and yet no one is able to come close to the success of The Witcher 3. As expected the popularity and success of this game attracted many modders, that tirelessly began to create a lot of different and interesting mods.

The following is a compilation of the best Witcher 3 mods you shouldn’t be playing without. We’ll be constantly updating this list whenever a new interesting mod pops up, so make sure to check back here more often.

The Best Witcher 3 Mods You Shouldn’t Be Playing Without

These are the best Witcher 3 mods:

  • Fast Travel from Anywhere
  • Witcher 3 Camera Mod
  • Weight limit Mod
  • Auto Apply Oils
  • HQ Faces
  • HD Reworked Project
  • Better Trophies Mod
  • Traders Extra Money
  • Realistic Weather
  • Disable Intro And Storybook Videos

Fast Travel from Anywhere

Another extremely small, but extremely beneficial Witcher 3 quest mod. In the original game, fast travel is only available if you open the map through special key points, which are themselves fast travel hotspots. However, the mod takes away the restrictions, allowing you to travel from anywhere in the game world.

The mod is designed primarily for witches, who have chosen to have a second playthrough of the game but do not wish for their journeys to take longer to get to the quest points. Fast Travel also makes hiking less exhausting: with it, Geralt can jump around the area at any time and from any place.

Witcher 3 Camera Mod

The history of MMOs is full of instances in which the in-game camera has pulled the entire project to the very bottom. Fortunately, in The Witcher 3, the cameraman is clever and compliant, and there are no problems with the camera throughout the game.

However, just because a job is done well doesn’t necessarily mean it shouldn’t be done even better. In Immersive Cam, we are free to do whatever we want with the camera, capture any angle, and zoom in as close as possible to see the wrinkles on an NPC’s face. Or use the “view from the ceiling” option – just like in Diablo. Additionally, there’s an option to set up blurring during the Hunting a Witch quest. This mod will help to see inside closed rooms, and also, of course, it will be useful for all fans of fantastic screenshots.

Weight limit Mod

Over 9000 Weight Limit is an incredibly helpful quality of life mod. Nearly every open-world RPG has this annoying thing called inventory limit. Should your inventory slots fill up at any point, you won’t be able to pick up items anymore, or there will be various drawbacks to doing so.

With this mod these unpleasant inventory limits are removed, allowing you to increase your inventory holding capacity up to 9000 items. This means that you will be able to carry a huge number of items, and there will be no penalties for doing so. Simple, but useful.

Auto Apply Oils

This is really a very useful mod. In the game of The Witcher 3, there are a huge number of all sorts of elixirs, explosives, and oils, and it is quite challenging to remember which oil should be used against monsters for maximum effectiveness, and you do not really want to constantly open the bestiary.

Fortunately, there is the Auto Apply Oils mod, which will automatically apply the best oil against a particular enemy. Obviously, this requires you to actually have oil in your inventory. Overall, this is one of the very essential Witcher 3 combat mods for new players.

HQ Faces

Next, we’ve got on the best Witcher 3 graphic mods to date. The in-game graphics are actually pretty awesome. However, there is still some work to be done. The most obvious example is the faces of the characters, which in some cases are not as beautiful as they can be.

High-Quality Faces greatly improve the quality of facial textures of various characters, especially the core figures such as Ciri, Triss, Jennifer, and others. And with it, there is no doubt the game will look much cooler.

HD Reworked Project

The world of The Witcher is exquisitely beautiful, but there is always room for criticism, isn’t there? Upon a closer look at the third installment of the game, you can find visual unevenness. Perhaps the studio CD PROJEKT RED lacked the time, money, or manpower to bring the project to unquestionable perfection.

On the other hand, the creators of mods got enough time! And in this case, they devoted their efforts to redrawing the surface of the water, the light, and hundreds of small objects. Are more detailed individual stones, flowers, and grass. On the whole, the little things make up the overall picture. Once the mod is installed, stone and wooden walls, tiled and thatched roofs, and individual interior objects will look more gorgeous.

Better Trophies Mod

Better Trophies is also one of our favorite Witcher 3 overhaul mods. It replaces the original vanilla trophy bonuses with something entirely fresh. For each trophy, you receive a specific bonus, together with 5% additional bonus damage added against enemies of the same type.

A few of the bonuses seem a bit extreme, for instance, the bonus received from Gravehags, which grants Kwen a 40% chance to repel incoming projectiles. Still, the new trophy bonuses are for the most part well balanced and far more entertaining than the vanilla ones.

Traders Extra Money

Now, this is a truly sought-after mod. Throughout the game world, we pick up a great many things of high value, but since they take up inventory space, we find ourselves forced to trade a lot of things. And here comes the next problem which is the lack of money from the traders.

But have no fear, the modders are here, thanks to this Witcher 3 mod which greatly facilitates your gameplay. The merchants will have a lot more money. You will be able to sell them almost all your loot and weapons, and you won’t have to travel around the game world looking for different merchants.

Realistic Weather

The weather in The Witcher 3 is not very realistic and of high quality, therefore if you want to get the most beautiful sunsets, the Realistic Weather mod will come in handy. Various areas with this mod will have different weather conditions, and these weather conditions will have their own consequences, for example, if it rains a lot, there will be fog, and so on. Overall, this mod is for lovers of beautiful graphics. The only drawback is that it is not recommended for low specs PCs

Disable Intro And Storybook Videos

And the last Witcher 3 mod in our roundup is called Disable Storybook Videos. The name speaks volumes about the nature of the mod. When you load the game, each time the dialogue begins, retelling the story. And each time it is infuriating to listen to the same thing over and over. However, by installing this mod you will get rid of the tedious Intro and storybook videos forever.

All of the Witcher 3 mods featured on this list, along with many others ones, are downloadable from NexusMods. Be sure to either have Vortex or The Witcher 3 Mod Manager available prior to downloading anything else.

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