[Top 16] Best WoW Shadowlands Addons for 9.2.5 and Beyond

WoW Shadowlands Addons

In today’s guide, we’ll be listing down what we humbly think are the best WOW Shadowland Addons, for the 9.2.5 patch and beyond. When you play World of Warcraft, it is crucial to have the right tools. Playing the game itself is important, yet there are other tools available that can make your experience all the better. Yes, we’re speaking about addons

In World Of Warcraft, addons are used to improve the game with new features and functions that were not available otherwise. They can also be used for other purposes, such as improving performance or providing additional information about what’s going on in the game world around you.

There are so many different types of WoW Shadowlands Addons out there on the web today that it can be hard to know where to start looking for them. You could spend hours searching through different websites and forums trying to find out which ones work best for your needs. Instead, we decided to do all the hard work for you by creating this list!

Hopefully, this will help you find some great new add-ons that will improve your gaming experience while playing World of Warcraft online today!

The Best WOW Shadowlands Addons

Here are the best WoW Shadowlands Addons:

  • Torghast TourGuide
  • Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
  • Soulbind Cache Opener
  • Anima Shortage
  • BlizzMove
  • glass
  • SimCraft
  • Pawn
  • GatherMate2
  • Fishing Buddy
  • Auctionator
  • TradeSkillMaster
  • Azeroth Autopilot
  • World Quest Tracker
  • Gladius
  • HHTD

Torghast TourGuide

This wow shadowland addon falls under the Raids and dungeons category and it will be extremely beneficial for those farming the Torgast. Players will no longer have to minimize the game to look up information on their chosen floor. The addon also adds a user-friendly interface for browsing through all kinds of details on bosses and rare mobs in Torgast, blessings, and torture.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Another Raids and dungeons addon only this one is a classic addon-encounter, which is essential for any players going through PvE content for multiple reasons. This addon comes packed with many features such as timers and abilities of bosses and thrash, alerts, a general raid counter, and much more.

Soulbind Cache Opener

Thanks to this inventory addon, you no longer need to search through your bags for rewards for completing Summons or from your Medium. All of your available rewards will appear on the screen, and by clicking on the icon, you will have all the materials in your inventory.

Anima Shortage

Farming and counting the required Anima for the various covenant quests proved to be a major challenge for most World Of Warcraft players. However, this addon is intended to simplify the task for you. From the Currency section, hovering over your current amount of Anima allows you to also check how much of that resource is currently in your bags.


With this addon, you can rearrange the standard Blizzard windows to a more comfortable location and you can easily resize them by using the ctrl key and scrolling.


A small but quite handy Interface addon that updates the appearance of the chat window and gives it a clean, modern, and minimalistic look.


SimulationCraft is one of the best wow shadowland Equipment add-ons that allow you to have a simulated character battle, generate results and then upload them to special services to estimate max DPS/HPS and other stats for your current talent set and equipment.


The Pawn addon allows you to determine the best gear and which equipment is best suited for your specializations. This addon can also help you in deciding whether to use a cloak with a mastery of 100 or with a crit of 80 and such.


If you’re looking for the best professions addon in wow shadowland then you’ve just found one. GatherMate2 is a great add-on for collecting and tracking herbs, ores, fishing ponds, gas clouds, archaeological fragments, and treasures. It displays these locations on the map and keeps a record of where resources have been gathered. This way, when time has passed, you can go back and collect resources from the same place again.

Fishing Buddy

Just like the name suggests, Fishing Addon Keeps track of your fish and allows you to manage your fishing gear. Also optimizes your fishing profession process.


How about some Auction and economics addons? If yes, then the Auctionator addon should be the one first to consider. This addon is designed for casual players who utilize the auction house day to day. It allows easier interaction with the auction house, providing concise lists of items and removing the hassle involved in selling items. If you’re into wow economics that much, then make sure to check our tutorial for how to get mark of honor.


TradeSkillMaster or TSM is by far the best and most powerful addon for the auction house, this addon allows you to simplify and improve your auction house experience whether you’re a regular player or a pro. The TSM addon also has a wide range of functionality, including improving your auction crafting, assisting in gathering materials, and even assisting in buying low-priced items.

Azeroth Autopilot

Time for some leveling and quest add-ons, and you can’t find anything better than the Azeroth Autopilot add-on. It’s a very popular and useful leveling addon. It automatically skips cutscenes, lays out the best routes for you to level up, and takes and passes quests on its own. In short, it does everything to have you reach the highest level in the shortest time possible.

World Quest Tracker

Another useful wow Shadowland quests addon that allows you to take on the best world quests and complete them. Additionally, it adds a custom locations tracker, so you can control which quests you want to take. It also displays all available world locations directly on the general map of the continent.


Gladius is one of the best PvP addons in wow Shadowland, it adds a framing of opponents in the PvP arena to facilitate focus and targeting. It is easy to configure, and you can switch most of its settings on and off at any moment.


HHTD is a PVP addon that made it to this list of the best WoW Shadowland add-ons and for a very simple reason, HHTD makes it keeping track of healers will be much easier – a big plus sign should be displayed above them. In addition to enemy healers, your allies will also be marked, allowing you to find them in the crowd and get them out of trouble.

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