Roblox Jojo Blox Codes For Extra Gifts & XP [November 2022]

Jojo Blox Codes

If you are having a hard time finding all the latest Roblox working Jojo Blox Codes, your quest comes to an end here! Jojo Blox which is also known as Bizarre Blox was created by Bunga Studios and is considered one of the best anime-themed Roblox games. As you can tell, the game is inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Mangainime. Jojo Blox allows the player to have his stand and defeat other players or mobs. Each player possesses his or her unique abilities and fighting style, which makes the game so much more enjoyable.

The game also features plenty of codes available to help you get some free rewards and items as a form of appreciation from the developers. Each of these codes is completely free and can be redeemed multiple times by the players.

As such, if you are looking for Roblox Jojo Blox Codes then You are in for a treat because we have listed all of them below. That’s right, we have ALL the codes, not just some of them. We’ll also walk you through the correct way of redeeming Jojo Blox codes. Alright, so get your stands ready, and let’s jump right in.

Roblox Jojo Blox Codes [Novembre 2022]

Here are the newest and most up-to-date Jojo Blox codes that you can redeem right now and earn up to 4x XP, random power-ups, new items, and Unknown gifts:

  • FREEEXP: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • Guide: Redeemable for an Unknown gift
  • Axiore: Redeemable for an Unknown gift
  • Meow: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • 2XP: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • 4XP: Redeemable for x4 XP [15 Min]
  • 677849007: Redeemable for extra gifts
  • 215717985: Redeemable for extra gifts
  • JOMIX: 53: Redeemable for 2x XP & random power-ups or items
  • 21B8D: Redeemable for random power-ups or items
  • 4KGXE: Redeemable for extra gifts
  • CR5YS: Redeemable for extra power-ups
  • OM7F2: Redeemable for an Unknown gift
  • QPUGI: Redeemable for an Unknown gift
  • TOXMP: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • ADOSJ: Redeemable for random power-ups or items
  • N93WK: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • TIFQG: Redeemable for an Unknown gift
  • 0PUCH: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • NXMS4: Redeemable for random power-ups or items
  • I1LRE: Redeemable for x2 XP [15 Min]
  • BNMUW: Redeemable for extra gifts
  • 7YTKL: Redeemable for extra gifts

PS: The Jojo Blox Codes highlighted in green are 100% working and you can easily redeem them for gifts & XP, whereas the codes marked in red have been reported to be expired or are not working anymore.

All of the above Jojo Blox codes have been tested by the time this guide was first published. Should you come across an expired code, kindly share the exact code with us in the comments below, and we’ll make sure to update our list ASAP.

How to Redeem Jojo Blox Codes?

To redeem Jojo Blox codes, simply perform the following steps:

  • Visit the Codes menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter your code into the box, and click “Redeem”.
  • Restart the game, and check your inventory to see any added new items.

We will let you know when new codes are made available, so make sure to bookmark this page on your browser and check back often, to be the first player to get his hands on new working Jojo Blox codes as soon as they are released!

Also, remember to redeem these codes as quickly as you can since we don’t know what time they may expire. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly by leaving a comment below.

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