Sims 4 Unable To Execute Command [SOLVED]

Sims 4 Unable To Execute Command

If you’re encountering the unable To execute command error in The Sims 4, you are not alone. The Sims 4 Unable To execute command error causes you to be unable to execute console commands in Sims 4, and it’s a common problem that players have been struggling with for several months. This sort of bug will appear as an annoying on-screen notification pretty often unless it is properly handled and solved. Below are the main causes, and ways to fix this Sims 4 issue.

The Sims 4 is not only one of the best video games for children but also one of the most highly addictive simulation games in 2022. However, It is not uncommon to bump into an error or issue while playing from time to time, such as an endless load screen, toilets breaking every day, and of course the Sims 4 unable to execute command error which we’ll be troubleshooting today.

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the symptoms of this Sims error, it occurs mainly when you’re trying to run cheat commands in the game. Commands like testingcheats, motherlode, free real estate, kaching, and many more one of the main Sims 4 cheats affected by this bug, and today on Stealthincgame we’ll run you through all the available solutions for the Sims 4 unable To execute command error.

Sims 4 Unable To Execute Command [4 Easy Solutions]

These are the best workarounds to implement when faced with the Sims 4 unable to execute command error message:

  • Reset the game to factory settings without reinstalling
  • Disable all active Sims 4 mods
  • Permanently turn on the “testingcheats true” command
  • Reach out to the Sims 4 support team

Reset the game to factory settings without reinstalling

The first Hotfix on our list is kinda universal, meaning this should be the first solution you try whatever error or issue you’re facing while playing the Sims 4. A lot of issues can be traced back to custom content or corrupted user data. However, here is an easy way to reset the game to factory settings and not have to undergo the whole process of reinstalling everything.

Before we start the process of resetting the game, please make sure to Back up the main theSims4 folder found in DocumentsElectronicArts either to an externally located drive or to somewhere else on your hard drive. Note that this is just a backup in the event something goes faulty. Then go ahead with the below step:

  • Rename your theSims4 folder at Documents\ElectronicArts to Sims4_Backup or anything random of your choosing.
  • All of your game saves will be removed, your options restored to factory settings, and all of your custom content will be cleared. Not to worry, it’s all still there in that backup folder you created earlier.
  • A new Sims 4 directory should have been recreated in your documents folder. check if it’s there or not. Also note that there may be a few folders missing, which is normal as they are only created when you need them.
  • Then you will need to begin a new game since your old save files have disappeared.
  • Then double-check to see if your Sims 4 unable to execute command error has disappeared.
  • If you’re no more facing any errors or bugs while playing the Sims 4, then go ahead and Start putting back the original folders in their place, starting with your saves and CC, and make sure to check your game after adding each folder

Disable all active Sims 4 mods

If resetting your game to factory settings didn’t help at all, then go ahead and disable any Active Sims 4 mods you’ve got active or installed. Mods have been known to cause multiple issues when playing the Sims 4, and it’s considered a best practice to just remove them all and reinstall newer versions for sometimes these mods files can get outdated and corrupted.

Below is a visual tutorial showing how to enable and disable mods in Sims4:

Permanently turn on the “testingcheats true” command

How to permanently turn on the “testingcheats true” command? well for that we’ll be using a mod, which is called “Persistent TestingCheats”. This mod is rather uncomplicated, it automatically activates testingcheats for you so that you will never have to enter them before using a command. In addition, it also enables testingcheats options like “Make Happy” and “Reset(Debug)”. This will save you from having to re-enter it each time you travel, relocate or return from CAS.

Just unzip the mod folder and then simply move the ts4script file into your Mods folder, after installation, you can just run the cheats as you normally would. Note that solution has been voted to be the most effective one when facing the Sims 4 unable to execute command error.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you not yet have activated the script mods, then you will need to launch your game and navigate to Options > Game Options > Other > Script Mods and ensure that it is ticked. Click Apply and then restart your game.

Reach out to the Sims 4 support team

Sadly, if all the above solutions failed to fix your issue. You’re left with but one last solution, which is trying to reach out to the Sims 4 support team or community. we recommend starting a thread first on the EA Sims 4 community hub, for it’s been vouched for by many players to be of great help thanks to the active Sims 4 players base there.

Update: after getting a couple of comments from you guys about your needing a video tutorial showing how to fix this issue, we’ve put up together this mini visual guide right below:

With this today’s troubleshooting comes to end, we do hope at least one of the solutions mentioned above fixed helped get rid of the Sims 4 unable-to-execute command error, if not feel free to leave any issues you’ve faced or questions in the comments section below.

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